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"Coach Jen! You are such an integral part of my support system. I have gone through an amazing personal and emotional growth spurt through your guidance for the last year. I've accomplished things I know I couldn't have without our sessions. And the many times I've reached out to you when I've had an immediate issue that needed help resolving have been an invaluable resource. What better way to learn and grow while we are actively in a moment and have the devil and angel on our shoulder in one text message or phone call! You offer insight to situations that I usually didn't consider before, you make me think, learn and grow, for that, I'll be forever grateful.


You help make me be, the person I want to be. Or better yet, the person I know I am! - Donna Portelli

"I want to give a BIG BOLD BEAUTIFUL shout out to Jennifer Castaneda! I had a read wobble yesterday and this gorgeously effective life coach shero took me through some serious coaching including laser EFT.

But more than that she really got me away from what could have turned into a panic attack and serious shrinking. She got me back into my power and energy and drive and SHIFTED me with focus, love, kindness, presence and skill. She went out of her way to make sure I still felt connected and present with her.

If you are feeling big shifts and are afraid of shrinking, if you are triggered by the decisions in front of you, this is the woman to go to."

- Sara Bobkoff

A HUGE Thank you to Jennifer Castaneda for her impromptu coaching session for me! It was totally not planned and I didn't see it coming but as we were talking about her ideal client we started discussing my pain points (as someone currently going through relationship issues) and WHOA! I knew you were good at dating and relationship Jenn but you really blew my mind with your ability to see what I couldn't see and connect dots that I didn't see before. I felt so much clearer, empowered and hopeful after our call. You are incredible!

So so so much RAW talent in WOW! - Maru Iabichela

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