• Jen Castaneda

90 Day Man Fast = Day 2

My Dating Life For Today:

"Got Stood up?......Stand up"

Danced like a vixen

Worked on my masters paper

Was asked out on a date

Considered it.

Said Yes.

Went to an NA meeting to see my sister celebrate 5 years of sobriety.

Then got ready for date.

On my way to meet him he sends me the following......

"I'll be honest. Do you want to skip the movie and just head back to your place. If that's not your thing I understand"

So yeah i still went to the movies WITH this really cool part unicorn part wolf Peruvian woman. Shes eating all my popcorn.

Yes this might resemble ur dating life too. But remember its just for today. Tomorrow could look really different.

Head up. Wings out Buttercup.

#giftsofsobriety.....because 4 years ago i most likely would have thought that was enough for me and no judgement if for today it is for you. Just know that YOU deserve & can have what you say you truly want.


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