Hey Love,

You are here because like me, you believe something Lisa Nichols said once,

"in your last days, your'e not going to care about that book you wrote or about your business, what you are going to care about is the quality of your relationships, that's what will ultimately determine the quality of your life"

You've also probably done tons of self-development work but still feel you self-sabotage your success in your relationships and life.  You have a hard time authentically connecting with people on a deep level even though you have so much to offer. 

You're probably also tired of going around in circles and getting the same results. 

You don't need a man. But you want one.  One that's fully present in the relationship. 

You've been burned before so your not naive but you fear your walls may be a little to high.

Time is of the essence. 

These were all things that I went through AND it took a toll on my self -esteem, my income, my business and my social life.   

We all have different stories and backgrounds.  

You might be 30 or 60.

But you are ready 

for HIGHER LOVE in your life. 


Do 1 or more of these fit you?


  • trying to get over your ex

  • wanting meet someone new & amazing

  • not wanting to make the same past choices 

  • finally getting back into the dating scene

  •  You might be ready for that deep connection with your soul to fully trust yourself.  

  • Aching to get on the same page with that special someone in your life  

  • Tired of self-sabotaging

  • Wanting to increase your intuition 


 Because no matter the story that got you here, we all have one thing in common, and that's that deep down we know we deserve an amazing, soul-gratifying loving relationship with ourselves & others.  And that we want to feel empowered in our life and not have our energy zapped by unhealthy relationships.  I believe for you that you can have a kick-ass relationships in your life AND a soul-satisfying successful career. 


So you have 2 choices you are invited to commit to today, it's a single session or a package. You decide what you feel is best for you at this time

This is for you if you are needing:

  • Quick clarity on the reason you keep running into the same issue & problems

  • Several powerful strategies you can start putting into place right now for a huge transformation in your love & life

  • To be empowered so you can confidently move forward with your next impactful steps

  • Have a breakthrough with what's been keeping you stuck so you can you use your energy for your other goals

  • Online and offline dating advice

  • To feel more confident

With this you will also receive a 30 min follow up call to keep you accountable and answer questions


Your Second Choice Has More Coverage & Is a Power 4 Session Package & Has Bonuses

This package is for you if you are ready for a deeper transformation.

This is for you if

  • You need support to finally get over your ex

  • If you want to start attracting the right type of men into your life

  • You need help online and offline dating

  • Need to improve your confidence

  • You need to find your voice again

  • Want to feel confident & empowered in your relationships

  • Want to stop letting your emotions control you or get the best of you 


Along with the 4 session package you also

  • Receive a bonus of powerful daily prompts and inspirations that are PERSONALIZED to you. 

  • As long as you are a client you are on dating circle and if we find a match you will be set up on a video date

  • Receive a BONUS personalized meditation or hypnosis recording


Once you decide which is best for you, and you sent payment, you can set up your APPT right here