Truth. Not to make excuses for women but at a young age many of us are taught some pretty limited, mostly fucked up things about you. Lots of those things stick with us into adulthood. To add to this is we've probably had our hearts broken much like you so it's no wonder it's hard to connect or understand us sometimes.  

BUT.....if you are willing to learn a new perspective about us (and yourself) you will see that there are women that are amazing, special, loving and wanting to love and have a fun life with you.  There's a woman out there that's a perfect fit for you. And it will be easy to love her and she will see how great you are too. 

Here's who I help

  • If you've been friend zoned one too many times. 

  • you haven't been able to get over your ex

  • keep arguing with your current girlfriend 

  • Need Online or Offline Dating Help & Strategy

  • Increase Your Confidence

  • Keep attracting women that aren't your type. 

  • Or your just ready to find a great partner in crime without all the bullshit then your ready for a session with me. 

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This is not for you if you are just looking to hook up. This is for the MAN who is ready to meet a special woman to enjoy his journey with. 

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4 Session Package Includes

  • 4 1:1 60 min Sessions via phone or online video
  • Membership to the Dating Circle where you will be set up to meet a match via video
  • Daily prompts that will keep you focused and your eye on the prize 


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