"Jenn is the voice of truth and reason in my life. She can see things clearly for me and what's best for me when I can't see it for myself. It doesn't matter how great of a coach you are, we all need mirrors and boosts and help with our own patterns. Jenn helps me keep it real and focused on what's true for me.  This helps me save time, energy, and even money when I'm faced with a pattern, inconsistencies or frustrations. I cannot recommend coaching with Jenn enough. She is compassionate, loving, easy to talk to, understanding, and REAL.”

                                                 Maru Iabichela, 
                                           Transformational Coach Founder of Infinite Receiving



“I want to give a BIG BOLD BEAUTIFUL shout out to Jennifer Castaneda - I had a real wobble yesterday and this gorgeously effective life coach shero took me through some serious coaching including laser EFT. 
But more than that, she really got me away from what could have turned into a panic attack and serious shrinking. And she got me back into my power and energy and drive and SHIFTED me with focus, love, kindness, presence and skill.
And she went out of her way to make sure I still felt connected and present with her.
Ladies, if you are facing big shifts and are afraid of shrinking, if you are triggered by the decisions in front of you, this woman is the woman to go to.”



                                                  Sara Bobkoff
                                           Personal Coaching For Feminine Leaders




Here are client answers to questions about working with Love & Life Coach Jen

"What were you struggling with before working with me?"

 I originally contacted Jennifer because I felt that I needed help in finding a man. I had never had a serious relationship with a man and it was not from lack of trying on my part. But as I began working with her, I realized that she was helping me with all my relationships including the one I have with myself.


"What results have you seen from working with me?"

 It has been an eye opening experience working with Jennifer. I have learned so much about myself; and why I relate to those around me the way that I do. I look forward to my sessions with her because I discover something new every time. And I become empowered to make better choices for myself.


"How has your life, relationship, love life changed or benefited from working with me?"

 Since working with Jennifer, I have seen a major difference in how I relate to others. I could barely get along with my sister-in-law and now our relationship is better. I had trouble standing up for myself when it came to my sister, but I have. And now I am in the process of learning how to forgive her. I have learned to listen to myself and trust the choices that I make without having to look for others to give me the answer. My outlook on life in general has changed as well; instead of trying to figure everything out, I ‘m trusting that things will work out. I am enjoying life more.  And I met an amazing man that I am currently getting to know.


Anonymous Angel


What were you struggling with/or had an obstacle with before your session?

"I thought I was aware of my issue that is routed in my childhood like most probably for most of us. When we grow up, we still hold our old childhood fears and so often do not even realize how much power they hold on us in our adult life."


What “aha’ or realization or anything else did you receive?

"I am so bewildered and grateful to Jen that she was able to have such a deep and profound analyses of my issues with the father. Jen showed me such a different perspective of what I am

transferring back to the world of relationship based on this

unsolved problem. This could not be achieved unless Jen has really a big heart and intuition and can quickly connect to myself."


What was different for you from before call to after the call?

"I have accepted my father, accepted my anger, accepted myself through all of these deep practices we have done together with Jen.”

How do you think what you learned or received from the call will help you in your love life?

“One of the precious advices Jen shared with me was to understand what woman I want to be, how I want to

behave in relationship. We are so preoccupied with making

lists what Mr Right should be and how poor guy should act to please us, but what we can give as a woman, what kind of Miss Right we should become to attract him, what qualities we should cultivate in ourselves."

Was the session what you expected?

“Like in the recent song "I have not expected this" First of

all, I expected nothing but some dating techniques, some advices how to change my behavioral pattern while on a date.

Honestly you could hardly expect an unknown person to understand you through a phone call session.

I had no expectations there, plus staying a bit

skeptical realizing this is as well a marketing tool to

attract new clients. I was SO WRONG!!! I COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG!  Jen was so inspiring, so engaging, so profoundly and seriously grasped the routes of my issues and once she has done it, she has just poured me with her positive energy and we started to do some techniques right during the call. I felt so blessed to

work with Jen. I am so grateful for every

second of her precious time."

Linda M. 



What problem/struggle/ or belief were you having before you started working with Jen?

"I met Jen at one of her workshops after a devastating break up. I was struggling adjusting to single life and what that meant for me, once my significant other was no longer in it."


How did Jen's services help you with these problems or struggles?

“Jen’s consistent support through our private sessions and phone calls, slowly and steadily increased my self awareness and built up my confidence. This allowed me to be more comfortable with who I was as a person and stop allowing other people to influence me in a negative way.”


What was accomplished? or What was the result?

“Jen encouraged me every step of the way! She helped me to recognize that I had the ability to think, react and make decisions BY myself, FOR myself.  She helped me getout of the mindset of basing my decisions by considering other people’s feelings first,

rather than my own  Once that was accomplished, she continued by using exercises and homework assignments to get me thinking and help me to discover what it is I really wanted for myself. She continues to help me identify how to reach those goals, by keeping the focus on me."


How has this affected you as a person? Your life?

“Even though I came to Jen initially from the result of a bad relationship, really the relationship I needed to improve is the one I had with myself. Once you know who you are and what you want

-everything else will fall into place! I am doing all the things I “put on hold” and I no longer feel “stuck” and with no direction. I am optimistic about every aspect of my future! I have never met anyone more insightful and intuitive as Jen. No matter how

overwhelming things might seem, she has a unique ability to break a situation down in a simple way that is easy to understand and comprehend. She truly has a gift and I will be forever grateful to her for sharing it with me. #lifechange"

Donna P. 

Project Manager