Hello Lovely,  

So VDay is this week and I needed to send out a quick video email to warn you about something that runs rampant around this time........even I have been guilty of doing this myself ........

Sabotaging Valentines Day!

vday(yes, that has been me!but we all know how that movie ended xoxoxo)

So how do you know if you are?

  • You don't plan it out.
  • You don't even think about what you would want to do
  • You don't communicate with your friends or partners your true desires
  • You don't stop to examine why you feel the way you do about VDay

I used to do  this all the time. I did it because I wasn't being true to myself.

So I never made plans because:

  • I didn't want to make it a big deal
  • I didn't want other people to think I was making it a big deal  
  • I was single & I didn't want to be disappointed 
  • I was in a relationship and didn't want to be disappointed so I made believe it really wasn't a big deal  

If you are doing these things, what you are really doing is setting yourself up to have a bad time. You are making this holiday or day about other people, it needs to be about 2 people..........YOU & YOURSELF.

So what's the solution? Keep Reading & Watch Video below xoxo

Oh before we get to video, here is another valuable tip to know why it might be hard to be true to yourself. As a hypnotherapist I know that thoughts and beliefs can sneak in our mind and we end up thinking they are our own thoughts......when they are not.

So is it time to take your gloves off against V-day?

So as much as people say that society and ads have brainwashed and ingrained our mind to celebrate this V-Day with shades of red, hearts and gifts.....

it has also tried to ingrain and brainwash our mind to NOT celebrate it, that we should hate it, shun it, and maybe even poke fun at people who do want to celebrate it.  

Think for yourself, feel for yourself, truly feel what YOU Desire.  Dig deep on why you love it or hate it.

So I've made this quick video to help you stop sabotaging your V-Day and some awesome ideas on what you can do.   Comment below to share how you are celebrating V-Day, it might inspire someone else!


In this video I suggested a couple of fun things to do- here is the Link for the fabulous Self Love Celebration in NYC hosted by Bella Life's Nitika Chopra!

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With deepest love,

Jen xoxo BSN, Love Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist

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