..humiliated me, shocked me, belittled me, hurt.......but I didn't leave. I can't exactly remember what was his reason for doing it but I do remember we were talking, he had milk and cereal in the bowl and he might have been hungover. He spit a whole mouthful Whack! right into my face.

Dr. Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy shares my surprise when it happened!


I didn't even leave his apartment afterwards. I didn't even scream at him or stop him. I just sat there. Not even mad. Just sad.

I stayed in the relationship with him after the incident (which was one of many subtle and not so subtle dis-empowering moments I was to have and I would love to share with you in the future.)

I want to also share that this didn't happen in my teens either, I was well into my twenties, college education and had great family support.

I convinced myself somehow......"he will change, he is going through so much right now, he didn't mean to, but he does so many other great things for me, I could handle things, I shouldn't have gotten him upset"

Some of you who do know me personally might be surprised to hear about this.  Not many people in my life know about this incident but I wanted to share this part of my life with you because I know there's a chance it will make a difference in your life.  I want you to know that although I have an epic, loving, The Notebook meets Seinfeld kind of relationship now, it's not where I have always been.

       PLUS   elaine1

= My dream Relationship

I share my story of having cereal spit in my face by the guy I was seeing because I know there might be a chance that you feel unloved, lost, frustrated, hurt and alone like I did.

There's a possibility  you might be like me, a professional, caring, beautiful and educated woman that is tired of not being able to attract or keep the type of relationship and soulmate you dream of.  There was no logical reason for me to be with someone like that and there is no logical reason for you not be with your soulmate either.

But it's not about logic, is it?

I didn't realize that there was a deeper stronger magnetic attraction that kept me in these types of relationships. I had to unlearn this attraction and learn a new way. This new way is what directed me to my The Notebook meets Seinfeld kind of relationship that I always dreamed of.
magnet                                                                                                                                          These magnetic deep attractions can be your worst enemy or your best ally.

I share this with you because, if you are in my circle then you are an amazing woman with  special gifts & a special kind of love you want to bring into your relationship, I share this with you because, you or a good friend of yours, is possibly going through what I went through and neither you or her have to.

Sure every love story (or nightmare story) is different but I can assure you I can help you easily recognize these deep seeded sometimes subconscious attractions to toxic relationships, but even more importantly I will help you to easily attract the man or woman of your dreams.

If you are ready for the love of your life don't waste another day my friend.

Don't spend another day sharing your love on unrequited love or in an empty house because there is someone even more ready than you are that is waiting for you.

What's What movies or shows would make up your dream relationship?? Share with me via  https://www.facebook.com/coachjencastaneda  or comment below!

Lovingly, Jennifer


Jennifer Castaneda is the co-author of the forthcoming book, "Love, Dating & The Real Happily Ever After" Her mission is to help single smart women who are tired of playing games or waiting and desire to attract their soulmate. To work with her, stay updated with how to finally attract your soulmate or request her for a speaking engagement contact her at  www.jennifercastaneda.com

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