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Hey Love,

Know that I've been where you are right now. In this moment all you want is to feel loved, seen, and heard.  You are confident in many areas of your life but when it comes to love & relationships you feel at a loss.  It's even taking a toll on your self-esteem, your income, your social life and maybe even the way you show up in your career or business. 

I can tell you by doing something about it you never have to feel this way again. 

Nothing changes if nothing changes.  We both know it's time for change. 

And trust me, back in 2010 NOTHING was changing. I was a mess, heart broken and felt lost. I couldn't hold a healthy relationship in romance, with family or even with myself.

Even though I looked like a confident independent woman on the outside, on the inside I was a scared little girl. 

 I knew I'd been through alot, my parents were divorced and had hurt each other immensely, emotional abuse was my drug of choice, I had later gone through my own divorce which added to my certainty that something was wrong with me. I was told I had "daddy" issues and that I needed to LOVE myself more but no real answers on HOW to change the direction of my life.

And today I could say I did find the direction I needed.

I am on the other side of this and you could be too. 

I got help, I hired a coach.....a clinical hypnotherapist to be specific.  So years later when I was in a different place I decided to go back to school to heed my calling. I became a spiritual love coach & clinical hypnotherapist. I also teach & dance QOYA, which is a movement to remember, which I use to help other women remember their essence, wise, wild, and free. I'm also part of 12 step program that has increased the amount of gratitude in my life. I'm a little sister to an amazing brother, a daughter to hard working parents and an blessed auntie to some great one of kind, kids.  

They all teach me everyday to be an empowered version of myself.  

So today I use all these skills to help you reach your desires & your goals.  I help my clients fully express themselves, fully open their hearts so they they can enjoy life with the right person and also feel like the most empowered, confident bad ass version of themselves.

So if you're struggling with the relationships in your life, with yourself, in love, with family, and with money (love & money are very connected)............I've been there. I was in a rut for a long time, I got so comfortable in my rut that I had my rut fully furnished and repainted!

You don't have to stay in your rut as long as I did because I AM HERE WITH YOU.  To hold your hand every step of the way.  When you read "WORK WITH ME" you'll find different levels of commitment to meet you where ever you are in life right now.   

Decide an one of them and your journey will start, you will be guided to reconnect with yourself so you can transform your life.  I won't help you become a version of me.  Because you are meant to be MORE of you.  But you see that's what stalled me, I kept listening to everyone else and doing what others were doing to be happy.  I was reading every self-help book and taking every program but the problem was I still didn't KNOW myself.  And once I knew myself, FOR REAL, I couldn't help but fall in love with myself and fully embody my purpose. 

Ready to live your purpose? Ready to LOVE & Be LOVED for being YOU? 

You can reach me at lifecoach@jennifercastaneda.com


So if you're ready for a change, which I know you are then join the community of women who are already Loving Confidently, Living Boldy at www.facebook.com/groups/livingboldy 

or if your ready to go deep and need answers right now, schedule  your Higher Love Breakthrough Session Regular price -$150. For 1st time clients. $99 from now until the end of December. 

Schedule 1st then you will receive invoice. 


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